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Testimonials About Us Questions? More Solutions 
"David, I must say so, you are a genius. The Ad only took place this last night, and I have already gotten 2 orders (each for $ 1500) and 10 orders for memberships ($9.99 each) to my sites. "
Thanks in Advance, Anthony
"Hi, I just wanted to let you know that your software is really terrific! I've had five people sign up within 24 hours to three of my programs! Thank you again!! (You can quote me if you need any and use my name!)" 
Sincerely, Claire Kellogg
"But, before spending hundreds of dollars for any ads, I am going to suggest that people would use this to verify that they have a good product. After trial of a few products, they can promote the best ones without the more expensive classified ads. In essence, your system would be the first step of a marketing programs to reach hundreds of thousands, even millions of people at extremely low cost. "
Leonard May, The Insider's Report.
"Recently completed my first submission using the Power Submitter. I am thoroughly amazed at the ease and efficiency of this product. Stated simply, there is NO better, smarter or efficient way to place multiple classified ads. Thanks much!! "
C. Harlan Jacobs
"I used your software and it is wonderful. I was able to post more classified ads within a short period of time than all of the classified ads that I have posted so far. Thanks for offering a wonderful product. You have my permission to use the contents of this e-mail as a posted testimonial on your website."
Sincerely, Barry A. Berhow - President, Barry B's Marketplace
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"Starting today in only a few minutes from now you can start reaching millions of Internet users worldwide on a DAILY basis AND fully automate "getting the word out" (up to 200 times faster) for all your online websites, products, services, affiliate programs, and more - taking only minutes for tasks that used to take 100s of hours by hand PLUS increase your profits while reducing ad costs - that's right - NO more spending "hard earned cash" on traffic that may or may not deliver... AND reduce your daily workload (save 100+ of hours of tedious labour regularly!) at the same time too.

You can take advantage today of unlimited free advertising available worldwide on over 6000 free classifieds ad websites and an unlimited number of additional websites ( 1000s of Search engines , blogs, messageboards, bookmark, social sites, forums, directories - you name it - all types, in any language, worldwide) that are setup to help you promote ALL your online businesses / products / services / websites too without it costing you "ad dollars" ever!"

Do you want to do any or all of the following:

  • Increase and/or automate your marketing results without it costing you a PENNY of your "ad dollars" ?

  • Easily and automatically promote/advertise an unlimited number of products, services, opportunities, websites and more at the same time using state of the art automation that only increases your advertising reach over time - from 20 times to up to 200 times faster than you can do by hand?

  • Take unlimited advantage of free advertising opportunities worldwide on unlimited number of websites using state of the art automation on a repeat basis - daily, weekly, monthly...?

  • Increase your profits by reducing ad costs AND Labor costs? Not to mention any sales you make cost you zero profits...

  • Instantly send your classifieds ads to 1000s of worldwide and local classifieds websites online everyday free and have your ads seen by millions of people worldwide?

  • Reduce your daily work load and save 100s of hours or more of your time in manual work on a regular basis?

  • Automate sending your ads / "getting the word out" to an unlimited number of more websites - all types, in any language with no added costs - now or ever?

  • Add your own choice advertising/promotion sites automatically without limitations of any kind  to laser target your audience and reach more people plus increase this advertising reach daily, weekly and monthly?

  • Submit your ads / promote your websites regularly to new websites as they come online automatically to reach even more people at no extra cost?

  • Drastically reduce your advertising budget / business costs on an ongoing basis?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above then please read the following carefully...

From : David Belton

Dear Friend,

Did you know there are thousands and thousands of websites set up to help you market and sell your products, services, promote your websites or promote your affiliate program[s] to millions of people worldwide for free?

These websites are setup to help you add to your profits, or increase traffic generation or leads generation without increasing your advertising costs or for that matter costing you a dime.

I mean why would I spend $100s, $1000s or more dollars a month on advertising and promotion when I do not have to?

Talk about exciting but I was stuck...

The challenge has always been the TIME it takes you to submit your ads, websites addresses, and messages by hand to all these thousands and thousands of different websites.

Consider it takes on average 5 to 10 minutes to do a single ad submission by hand  - it could literally take weeks to do ad submissions to all the sites by hand to "get the word out" and that is just placing a single ad on each website once.

Think about it ... I could spend literally every waking hour, day after day typing ads in by hand every month - there had to be a better, faster and easier way right?!

( Is this what you are doing now? Typing like a crazy person?!? I was too. )

In order to make sales, get sign ups, or just get traffic you need to get your "message" out regularly and repeatedly. This takes time if you do it by hand [5 to 10 minutes per "ad"] and stats show it takes 7 or more TIMES for a person to see your "message" to respond, react , visit and/or purchase. That means you have to submit regularly - daily, weekly and monthly to get all the benefits.

So unless you get your message out to the all of these websites regularly and repeatedly - you are losing potential sales, profits, traffic and leads.

Due to incredible number of websites that offer this service you can spend every minute of the day just doing daily submissions by hand and then you fall behind on other submissions - and there goes the benefits!


Unless you know which free websites "perform" [and there are 1000s of them] in terms of getting visitors to your site and generating sales you could be wasting time typing 100s [1000s?] of ads in by hand and have little to show for it .

But what if you do not know how often sites accept ads or forget to re-submit when your ads expire?

Not to mention new websites come online daily to help you promote too.

What if you want to add your own websites too?

Imagine if you want to promote multiple products and/or services and/or opportunities and/or websites at the same time too?

Plus never mind the other stuff like filling orders, answering email and more marketing - and having a life or promoting more product[s], services[s], website[s] or opportunities!

So the question is how do submit all my ads on a repeated basis and use all these 1000s and 1000s of websites to promote my products, websites , services or opportunities and do it in only minutes compared to literally weeks placing ads by hand - without increasing my advertising costs, or costing me a dime of "ad dollars" budget ever?

Introducing the worldwide totally automated advertising solution...

With the new Power Submitter Revolution package you now have the completely automated advertising solution that can give you the unfair advantage over your competition and allows you use all of these 1000s and 1000s of websites to increase your sales, profits, traffic and leads generation automatically and repeatedly , save yourself hundreds of hours of manual work and save lots of money in advertising costs - money that now goes back into your pocket - and much more...

Here is a real live example showing how much time, effort, keystrokes and money is saved with Power Submitter.

Methods of "Manual Ad Placement" VS "Automated Ad Placement" , rate of placement are ads per minute.

AND that you can do all this with the just a click of a few buttons quickly and easily. If you can visit a website, type in some information at a website, and press "submit" you can master this in minutes.

It's just that simple! All you need to do is:

  1. Type in your ad…

  2. Pick the categories and sections of the classified ad sites that you would like your ad to appear in…

  3. Press Start…

  4. And then WALK AWAY!

    ... At a rate of approximately 30 ads or more ads per minute, Power Submitter will begin automatically submitting your ads… leaving you free to look after other aspects of your business.

Compare this to doing "manual" ad submissions by hand which take on average 5 to 10 minutes per ad submission.

It would literally take you 5 WEEKS to do the same task Power Submitter does in only a few minutes - and that to "get the word out" for just one product, website, service or opportunity. Power Submitter can promote an unlimited number of products, websites, services or opportunities - all at the same time.

With the Power Submitter package you will save you weeks and weeks of effort by automatically submitting your classified ads / website information to over 2,000+ free classified ad sites and 1000s of more websites (all types) - without adding to your advertising costs or increasing your daily workload.

Ask yourself - Do I really want to do it the hard way when there is an alternative?

Every day new websites come online that you can use to promote your product, service, website or opportunity at for free. We add these new websites directly to the software as they are found / reviewed using online interface system. As a result they appear within the software automatically for you to submit your ads to instantly. There is NO added cost for this feature.

As a result the potency of the software only increases over time.

Even More Power at your command...

With new Automation Operating Systems technologies [ "AOS" ; part of the Power Submitter package ] you can add an unlimited number of new websites at will to the software - forever, at no extra cost and submit your ads / "get the word out" to automatically to all those websites as well. With these new technologies you can customize / add on to the software to increase the power and reach of it. Plus as an added bonus you can automate other time consuming internet activities too.

You can add any type, any number of websites, from anywhere in the world - at any time - further extending the power of your software to whatever you require.

No knowledge of programming or computers required - the software does all the work for you.

If you can type, and visit a website you can master this easily.

I have also included additional tools, information and training to help increase your results and fine tune all your internet marketing too. These are included absolutely free for a limited time.

Read more below to learn how Power Submitter Package with AOS systems can automate all your online advertising / promotion for an unlimited number of websites, products and services plus save you a lot of money in advertising/promotion costs, let you take advantage of thousands and thousands of websites offering free advertising and save you hundreds of hours in manual labour starting today - plus much more...

  1. You will increase sales though repetitive and more consistent exposure.

  2. You can save time, your employees time, your associates time, dial up time and more.

  3. Instead of manually placing ads you can use this time to market through other methods - plus have time to update and work on your website(s).

  4. You will save money because you will be building your business by increasing your sales at no cost - you can re-invest your money into your business to make it grow faster.

  5. Because of the time saved alone the Power Submitter will pay for itself in one or two sessions. The additional sales, leads and traffic generated by using the Power Submitter Package will only add to your business revenues over time without costing you money.

  1. Find website(s) to post free ads at...

  2. Scan website, wait for pages to download... find ad form.

  3. Type in information by hand..

  4. Choose a category

  5. Press "SUBMIT"....wait...

  6. Repeat for next ads... This takes from 5 to 10 minutes per AD / website address.

  7. Repeat steps 1 to 6 for EVERY site you want to submit your ad[s] to.

  1. All websites in program.

  2. You ad is stored in a special form - program converts, sends and submits all at once to all sites automatically.

  3. You press START and it submits to multiple sites of any types.

  4. Each submission takes seconds per site.

  5. Power Submitter will continue automatically with submissions...and then stop by itself.

Just type your ad and information in ONCE, save as many ads as you like... Then select the sites you want  to submit your ads to and click on start... and walk away... it's that simple.   Operations are streamlined so the program does the work for you.

This software takes about 5 - 10 minutes to place all 2000+ ads for you on a 56K connection -  DSL, Cable and other high speed connections will be even faster.

Imagine if you had to place 2000+ ads and each one took about 10 minutes - that would take you almost 5 weeks to place one ad in 2000+ sites typing by hand. Power Submitter can do that work in 5 to 10 minutes and can submit up to 15 ads at the same time [that is 2000 X 15 ads = 30,000 Ads ! ].

You can also load and save an unlimited number of ads [in groups of 15] too - so there is no limit to what you can promote now or in the future.

The time saved alone will be worth the cost - and because the profits from advertising using Power Submitter and/or AOS do not cost you a dime in advertising costs this money generated will only add to your business revenues.

Just think if you were PAYING for advertising and each ad cost you only $1 per month - you would have saved over $2000 dollars just placing promoting just one product, service, website or opportunity using our software or if you want to look at it another way - how much is 100 hours of your time worth?

Plus this program is module based and more modules add even more powerful ways to "get the word out" even faster and produce more results for you. [modules are groupings of sites - ie classifieds, search engines, bulletin boards etc etc]

Or you can build your own modules with AOS - or both. Your Power Submitter can be as powerful as you require and can be expanded as required - there are NO LIMITS.

Add to this powerful package - the AOS software program [included] you can submit your ads to an unlimited number of websites:

  • Free classifieds

  • Classifieds

  • Search engines

  • Bulletin boards

  • Auction Sites

  • RSS Engines

  • Ffa/Free for all Links sites

  • Message boards

  • Blogs

  • Forums

  • Directories

  • And many more types of websites too.

Let me be clear...

Basically any website you "type in information" now can be automated. In otherwords you can automate submissions / "getting the word out" to all types of websites and save many more hours of your time - instead of typing all by hand. And best of all once you have added a website ; you never have to do it again!

And AOS can auto create the programming required to automate submissions of your ads/information to these websites to "run in" Power Submitter - for completely automated and unlimited submissions.

All you do is act as if you were going to visit the website yourself, enter info by hand and AOS does the rest. It is that simple - it records what you do; so it can duplicate this task later... over and over again.


Lets say for example you want add 20 new sites a week to your Power Submitter using AOS - this would be 80 new sites per month ; and at the end of the 1st year you would have added close to 1000 new sites - each one added is unique to your Power Submitter. Each and every month your "reach" would expand as new sites are added, and you submit your ad[s] to these sites as well as other sites already added and sites in the classifieds modules [that come with Power Submitter]; without incurring advertising costs.

Keep in mind you only have to add these new sites ONCE...

Of course you can add a lot more than 20 sites per week ; or add none at all - using AOS is strictly optional.

AOS is also directly connected to websites that have directories of 1000s of these websites that allow free advertising and low cost advertising - so you will never run out of places to advertise / sites to add to your copy of power submitter to extend it's reach and you will always have the latest list of websites too.

And due to the power and unlimited potential of AOS, we provided specialized training to assist you so you get the maximum benefits now - and into the future. Training is literally click by click and for new users and advanced alike.

If you can visit a website, type in an ad at a website, and press "submit" you can master AOS and Power Submitter alike.

To summarize - with AOS you can:

  • Add you own websites to automate submissions to - no limits.

  • Find more websites using search engines and other sites so you have more places to submit to.

  • Automate other day to day activities that involve typing in repetitive information.  

  • Build modules at will - any number/type in any language.

  • "Run" these modules inside Power Submitter - for unlimited submissions.

AOS will then submit all your "data/information/ads" to each and every on these websites [any type] you have chosen in far less time than you could ever do by hand AND/OR you can "run" these modules [just lists of websites that accept advertising/information submissions] created by AOS instantly in Power Submitter at will - over and over again.

AOS software is a stand alone software program included with Power Submitter and can be used by itself and/or in conjunction with Power Submitter submissions.

Some of the sites the Power Submitter Package submits your ads to:

Kingdom Classifieds

1 America Mall

Best Mall

Classifieds For Free

Backpage Classifieds


Citynews Classifieds (over 1100 websites!)


Adlandpro (Over 44,000 websites)

Classifieds Online

Leading Edge Classifieds (over 40000 websites)

5 Star

AdTrack Classifieds

All Classifieds in the ISell Network [over 1200 sites and counting]

Yahoo Classifieds, Craigslist and Other large classifieds networks and free sites.

and many more !

PLUS - New free advertising websites as they come online too!

Reach the world with No Limitations, Plus get Free Updates for life and New Sites added Free!

We have clients in every country in the world - USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Japan, India, Africa and many many more advertising all kinds of products, services, and websites... some using our software for the first time - many have been using it for years to reach the world without incurring advertising costs to do so - it does not matter where you live you can use Power Submitter today to "get the word out" now.

With 128 categories [with the ability to add more] in Power Submitter covering every item, business, product or service imaginable you will be able to get the word out about your item[s] day in and day out... regardless of what it is. Plus Power Submitter has a unique category matching system that accepts up to TEN category choices [from most specific to least specific of the 128 categories] to ensure your ads are accepted on each site every time. 

People in every profession with every kind of website or product or service to sell are using Power Submitter right now to sell to their "neighbour" and worldwide at the same time AND Power Submitter is language independent - so you can send ads in English, French, German, Japanese, Russian... it does not matter.

Never worry again about limitations - no matter how many free classifieds, free links, search engines and more type of free advertising sites there are - this program will be able to submit to them.

In addition as new methods of advertising and marketing become available the Power Submitter will adapt.

Like all internet submissions software, we provide free updates - as free classifieds, search engines, free links websites and other types of free advertising sites change method of submissions, names, websites.

Every day new websites come online that you can use to promote your product, service, website or opportunity at for free.

We add these new websites - at no cost to you - directly to the software [Power Submitter and AOS] as they are found / reviewed using online interface system. These new websites appear right away in the software for you to submit your ads to instantly.

You will never run out of free places to advertise to increase your revenues at no cost plus save many hours of your time. Add to this factor that the "audience" that can view your ad[s] only gets larger and larger over time. As a result the potency of the software and potential results only increases over time.

There are no monthly fees or "upgrades" fees for this added service. You do not have to do a thing  - no downloads, patches, upgrade installs - nothing - the software will do it all for you.

Patented Technology gives you the edge:

The Power Submitter will never "go out of style" or become obsolete. Because of the unique technology in both Power Submitter and AOS you will always be able to automate sending your ads to all kinds of websites.

No other product on the market can compare with automation technology in either product or make this claim because both products do exactly what you already do by hand only "Power Submitter" is about 200 times faster and automates all the steps.

Program Package is Completely Self Installing. Power Submitter Software Package works on all Microsoft Windows operating systems including:

Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows VISTA , Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and others and runs on Macs with Windows Emulator software installed.

You can download this software instantly or have it sent to you on CD ROM [by regular mail or courier].

If you choose the electronic download option within 5 minutes you can on your way promoting ALL your products, websites, services or opportunities the easy way today.

Complete Support and "Click by Click" Training:

With BECANADA you always have complete customer support -  should need help,  you have a question, comment or suggestion. Support is available by phone, email, and video / visual training.

Our online videos are state of the art and cover click by click operation. There is no guesswork here - we talk about every feature and how to use it in depth. You never have to guess "what do I do next?"

We take suggestions from our clients for new improvements in the software for future upgrades [which you get free!] so as time goes on,  you will always have the very best and up to date software.

Start saving money and time now and increasing your profits today!

The vast majority of our clients recoup the cost of the Power Submitter Package in just one use or less ... and that is just promoting one product, website, service or opportunity - one time...

With your own Power Submitter Package you can promote an unlimited number of products, services or opportunities - for yourself, others or both... day after day, month after month and year after year... and never pay a dime in advertising ever.

Do you really prefer promoting the hard way, spending money on advertising and wasting time on a regular basis... Or do you want to stop wasting time and money, losing potential sales and start marketing today the easy way 200 times+ faster than you can by hand AND save potentially $1000s of dollars in advertising costs month after month, and year after year?

Try the Power Submitter Package risk free today.

Here are some more comments from my clients:

"My business partner and I purchased your Power Submitter Program and have been using it for ourselves as well as other customers of ours."

A. Russell

"Hi Dave, thanks for the help. You and your software has been an integral part of my success. My 12 hour days would have been 16 if I hadn't used your software. If needed I will be happy to write you a testimonial. Thanks again.

Dave Roberts

" Just got your update info on the program I purchased. BTW, the program is just OUTSTANDING.. I'm very pleased. Thanks!"

Steve Ham The ASAGroup

"Dear Dave, I just wanted to thank you for always being timely and courteous with my requests. Power Submitter is, by far, the best program of its type. My business depends on getting the word out quickly and Power Submitter does it without a hitch."

Respectfully, Dennis F. Amoruso

"David, I am coming to really appreciate Power Submitter as I use it more and learn all the ramifications. It appears to be a superb program designed as the primary Internet Marketing tool so many of us need. "

Dr. Speer

Included in the Power Submitter Software Package:

  1. Top 2000+ Free classifieds modules [10 modules]  - ($99 value)

  2. Free Updates and Free New sites added at regular intervals for life. [ now every 24 hours! ] ($99 per year value)

  3. NEW! 5000+ Instant Classifieds Blaster ($60 / year value)
    Send your ad[s] DAILY to 5000+ ADDITIONAL Free Classifieds - this will save you 100 hrs of work over manual submissions each time you use it. New sites added in real time as they come online.

  4. NEW! 900+ Directories, Bookmarks and Article Submitter AND 100,000 Search Engines Submitter ($60 And $500 / year value)
    Reach more kinds of sites to given your products, services, websites and more even broader exposure. The 100,000 Search Engine Submitter does the submissions to all search engines and directories for you automatically , monthly plus has all the tools too to increase your rankings.

  5. NEW! Additional Standalone Submitters + Automation software Included free for a limited time ($200 value)-
    These are full version, never expire professional level products:
    a] Article Submitter Professional - Submit Articles to 100s of sites.
    b] Backlink Generator / Submitter - Used to increase traffic and SEO Rankings.
    c] Forum Submitter Professional - Submit to 1000s of forums, blogs and more..
    d] Lead Mailer Professional - Automated Email Followup.

  6. Power Submitter Submissions Software Engine - ($99 value)
    An expandable submissions engine - able to do submissions to all types of sites.

  7. NEW! Automation Operating Systems ["AOS"] Program - ($97 value)
    Automates submissions to 1000s and 1000s of more websites [all types] , includes real time updates and new sites added real time too and allows you to create any number of new modules [lists of websites] for use in Power Submitter for even more automated submissions to extend your automated advertising reach. You Can use "AOS" to create your own custom ad / link submitter and promoter.

  8. Re-Promote Module - ($20 value)
    Tracks, Logs and Tells you when to REPROMOTE which sites and when...

  9. 6 Full Screen Online Training Videos - ($79 value)
    For trouble free submissions and no headaches - this system walks you through every step and function of the software, step by step, click by click ... helping you master the software in just minutes.

  10. NEW! Guaranteed Targeted Visitors Bonus - Get over 20,000 to 100,000 visitors too! - ($200.00 - $800 value)
    Depending on the version you order you will receive a total of 20,000 Visitors over 60 days for Basic Version, 40000 Visitors over 60 days for Silver version or 100000 Visitors over 60 days if you order the Platinum version. These are real, targeted by category and geo target visitors (over 100 categories and over 100 countries available). This bonus is to jump start your business and get traffic to your website NOW. Offer limited to one website url only.

The Power Submitter Package includes all 10 of the above features, software, modules and support AND if you order before you get the following 10 bonuses valued at over $700.00 included for FREE.

"750 Traffic Generation Tactics - Fine Tune EVERY part of your marketing."

How to Get targeted Traffic from article marketing, Forum marketing, Traffic exchanges, Free classifieds, Press releases, Resource box, Email, Ad copy 101 and 740 more ways. It includes the following volumes - "Traffic Building 101", "Fast Traffic Tactics", "Long Term Traffic Tactics", "New Wave Traffic Tactics", "Web Traffic Moneytization", "Website Building for Leads Generation".  There are additional sub-volumes in each section too. This covers every type and area of marketing. This bonus is valued at $149.00.

"How To Make  Your First $100 Online"

Making your first $100 online - the how to guide to make your first $100 online and repeat this process over and over again... This simple and to the point guide lays it out step by step. This bonus is valued at $49.

"Facebook BullsEye"

How to use Facebook and other social media for free target traffic generation. This covers everything from "A to Z" when it comes to using Facebook for traffic and income generation - from fanpages, to ads, to apps and more. This bonus is valued at $197.00

"Free Traffic Tactics Strategies"

Top free methods of generating traffic to your website[s] on a repeat basis ; step by step generation guide. This bonus is valued at $47.00

"How To Make Money In Affiliate Marketing"

Choosing an Affiliate Program/Network and Product to Promote with so many affiliate programs/networks out there, can be a daunting task ; this guide tells you how and how to do it right. This bonus is valued at $27.00

"Low Ticket Profits - How To Earn an Income"

How and why setting up a business based on low priced items can be profitable and relatively simple to setup. This bonus is valued at $47.00

"How to Research the Moneymaking Capabilities of a Niche"

Step-by-step Approach to Finding the Best Niches in which to Market a Product or Service. When selling a product, a lot of people make the mistake of developing their product first, and then trying to find a market for it. Of course, the process should be reversed. Find a market first that spends money, then find out what they want and give it to them. This bonus is valued at $27.00

"The 48 Hour Affiliate Action Plan"

This guide gives You A Step-By-Step Action Plan To Show You How To Create Your Own Money Making Website In Less That 48 hours. This bonus is valued at $27.00

"21 Ways of Viral Traffic Generation"

Regardless of what product or service you are selling, it’s been proven that the more visitors you get to come to your website, the higher your sales will be. This guide details 21 methods you can put into practice TODAY to begin generating viral traffic to your website[s]. This bonus is valued at $47.00

"Leads / Sales generation and repeat traffic generation" software

Exclusive to Becanada to further increase sales, leads and traffic generation and repeat traffic generation 6 different ways with free monthly training monthly .This bonus is valued at $99.00

Starting using the Power Submitter Package today to save money and automate your online advertising in less time the easy way.

Within the next 5 minutes you could be promoting your products, websites, services or opportunities for yourself and/or others with this powerful software package starting today.

The Power Submitter Software Package is yours for only a one time payment of only $59.95 and there are no monthly fees and no update/upgrade fees of any kind forever. This special price is on for a limited time, so act now!

Your satisfaction is assured through our no risk and iron clad money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not thrilled and satisfied with your purchase just contact me directly within 120 days and I will refund 100% of your purchase price and the you get to keep the 10 free bonuses above.

To order instantly click the link below and within minutes our computers will automatically e-mail you the download instructions and registration codes you need to get started using Power Submitter Package immediately and you will get the 10 bonuses valued at over $700 as well if you order before .

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  • Power Submitter Bonus 10 Internet Marketing Package Downloads (value $750)
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David Belton
David Belton, CEO
David Belton Software Enterprises INC.
A registered member of the Chamber of Commerce.
Becanada Internet Marketing Center.

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If you don't claim your copy of Power Submitter now, how will you submit your ads to the 1000s of classified ad sites and other types of sites? Manually? Isn't five weeks of your time worth more than only $59.95 ? Not to mention that new sites come online daily and these sites are automatically added to your copy of Power Submitter for you at no charge - forever  -a $99 per year value...


The power of classified ads and free advertising savings can not be understated. It's an unusual opportunity to be heard by literally thousands of people and watch your traffic and sales explode! Take advantage of the special offers included today…before your competitors beat you to the punch.

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Do you want even MORE power, MORE Automation, MORE advertising exposure?

For Serious Marketers ONLY OR create your Own Submissions Software - GO PLATINUM!

WARNING: This is only for serious internet marketers that want to take their automation and advertising to the next level. Please do not purchase this item unless you are in this category ; please get Basic or Silver version above.

The Platinum Version of the Power Submitter Package - it includes all the Basic and Silver Level Functions / Features / Modules and software plus some really powerful additional systems:

  • The ability to create your OWN wizards to aid in adding more sites to your personal copy of the software faster. A wizard programs in sites for you in seconds. You can create any number of wizards for unlimited usage.

  • The ability to add additional sites that require a username / password OR registration before placing an ad to your personal copy of the software - no limits on number you can add.

  • The ability to add sites that have more than one step in the submissions process [IE a confirm page, more info required... multiple webpages to be filled in]

  • The ability to use Power Submitter's automation engine to blast your ads out to all these sites you have just added again and again without limits

  • The ability to auto-register multiple users for username/password / registration type sites automatically using Power Submitter's automation engine - again - no limits here either...

So if you want to blast your ads out worldwide AND have the ability to actually build your own submissions software [remember - ANY type of site - classifieds, search engines, social media, bookmark sites - YOU NAME IT] to your exact "specs" [and of course continue adding to it and making it more and more powerful over time] without having to spend a dollar on ad costs, programming costs, monthly fees or other out of pocket expense then the Power Submitter Platinum Package is for you.

Get your copy today... blast your ads out now and create the automation tool you need today - easily and quickly.

Add more sites to the software - and blast out even more ads... each day you can increase the power of your personal copy of Power Submitter Platinum. Get your copy now before your competitors beat you to the punch.

To order instantly click the link below and within minutes our computers will automatically e-mail you the download instructions and registration codes you need to get started using Power Submitter Platinum Package for only $299.95 immediately and you will get the 10 bonuses valued at over $700 as well if you order before -

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Also Included Free with your order (total value $1319.95):

  • Power Submitter Bonus 10 Internet Marketing Package Downloads (value $750)
  • Platinum Bonus - 100000 Targeted Visitors (Country + Category) (value $500)
  • Power Search Engine Submitter Basic (value $69.95)

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Client Testimonials

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Power Submitter Package Requirements:

  • Compatible with all Microsoft Windows operating systems including: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista and other Windows Operating Systems.

  • Compatible with all Apple/MAC platforms with a Windows Software emulator installed and other platforms with a windows emulator installed.

  • Compatible with all anti-virus, spyware protection, pop up window blocker, ad block software and other types of protection software.

  • Compatible with all internet connections - dial up, DSL, high speed, satellite, cable, including connections on a shared or home network or LAN. Systems self adjust to connection speed automatically.

  • It can be used on ANY platform, regardless of processor speed, ram or hard drive space and only requires 15 Megs of hard drive space ; download time about 1 minute on high speed connections, about 5-10 minutes on dial up.

Contact Us, Ask Questions, Read Online FAQ

Click here to contact us by email or phone if you have questions or to read the Power Submitter FAQs section - many answers to common questions about Power Submitter Package, classifieds, and internet advertising, promotion and online marketing are listed here.

To Learn about the Power Submitter Package and Systems in detail see:

About Becanada - Summary

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Becanada Corporate Summary:

Becanada creates and sells software and services worldwide to automate internet advertising [Power Submitter, AOS], to control spam, email long/short term follow up systems, run classifieds service[s], submit to search engines, run classifieds services online, website replication [used by our sites and many other sites worldwide - over 100,000 affiliates count on our software to work 24/7/365 every single day] and many other types of desktop and server based software.

BEcanada also operates a hosting service ["BEST-HOST.COM"] providing hosting services, dedicated servers , website design services, custom server applications, website / affiliate applications/software and does custom programing for clients worldwide.

We publish 3 free internet marketing newsletters "Cashlinks Affiliate Newsletter ", "ISell Training Newsletter", and "Internet Marketing Newsletter " with over 100,000 subscribers total and operates several other websites, services and affiliate programs.

Consulting Services and Custom Programming / Projects are also available on a case by case basis. We also provide free internet marketing support for all clients on an ongoing basis.

Becanada is a division of David Belton Software Enterprises INC and a registered member of the Chamber of Commerce. In business online since 1996 it is privately owned and operated. We have clients in every country and an affiliate network of over 24,000 affiliates called "Cashlinks".

For Detailed company and corporate information, please click here.

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